About the Foundation


The mission of the Taylor Barton Foundation is to educate, advocate on behalf of, and empower young people around the issues of bullying.


The Taylor Barton Foundation envisions bully-free school environments around the nation in which no young person feels unsafe, alone or unable to attend school as a result of bullying.

  • We believe schools should be safe learning environments and that no young person should be exposed to the trauma of classmate or teacher bullying.
  • We believe bullying is abusive and discriminatory and that there is no place for this behavior in our schools.
  • We believe that bullying is a hate crime that alienates and isolates its victims, frequently leaving tragedy in its wake.
  • We believe that all young people regardless of religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, or capability should have the right to an education unencumbered by the harassment of bullies.

The Taylor Barton Foundation both creates programs for and supports the efforts of other organizations working within the anti-bullying movement.

1. We collaborate nation-wide with groups working to end bullying;

2. We produce public service announcements and kid-driven campaigns to raise awareness around the problem of bullying;

3. We provide scholarships to schools in need to bring Challenge Days to their campuses;

4. We advocate for anti-bullying legislation to create safe-school environments; and

5. We support online communities and social media initiatives where young people can come out of isolation and share their experiences with bullying and with Taylor directly.

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